• The Parish Renewal Team was formed under the guidance of Fr. Andrew, in response to the Bishop’s call for Pastoral Renewal in our Diocese.
  • Pastoral Renewal is the commitment of the clergy, religious, and the faithful in the entire Diocese to authentically grow closer to JESUS, who calls us to follow Him and live His mission today.
  • The mission of our team is to listen to and engage everyone in the pastoral renewal at St. Albert the Great.


Members of this Parish Renewal Team can be viewed below complete with their Biographies.


Parish Renewal Team 2024.04.14 by Gerry Selinger

Your voice matters!  Help shape the future of our parish community and our journey of discipleship.  The Pastoral Renewal Survey for our parish is now LIVE until June 14.  Complete the Survey now –  https://TINYURL.COM/RENEW-P24

Thank you for your support!

Parish Renewal Team 2024.06.01 by Gerry Selinger

Parish Renewal Update by Florian Bernardo 2024.05.17

Please find information and images from the St. Albert the Great Parish Renewal Gathering held on May 4, 2024 at this  Link  .

Parish Renewal Info 2024.05.13 by Gerry Selinger

You may register for this event by using the QR code above or at this  Link  .

Parish Renewal Info 2024.04.19 by Gerry Selinger