Spiritual Direction

Do you desire to grow in your relationship with God, and engage more fully with His call in your life?  The ministry of Spiritual Direction can help!  “Spiritual direction is about developing a love relationship with God that inevitably spills into all other areas of our lives.” (Dan Burke)


A spiritual director is trained to accompany you on your journey.  It is a ministry of listening, discernment and prayer in a confidential setting of compassion, encouragement, and trust.  Through one-to-one conversations, you are led into deeper awareness and understanding of God’s presence and movement in your life, so that you may respond to Him.  It is important to note that spiritual direction is not counselling or advice-giving, but focuses on your relationship with God.  We’re here to help you grow in Christian maturity and discernment so that you and the Lord can make those decisions.


Currently at our parish, we have three spiritual directors.  Elizabeth Sanesh and Michelle Diment have completed studies with the Lanteri Center for Spiritual Direction (Denver).  Tom Diment has begun training with the Lanteri Center and is also available to provide spiritual direction.  Meetings typically occur monthly for about an hour, and may be held at the parish or online.  Elizabeth and Michelle are trained and missioned to lead others through the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, as well as other forms of the Spiritual Exercises.  To learn more, or to book an interview to see if spiritual direction is a good fit for you, please email or call:


Elizabeth Sanesh:

lizob10@yahoo.com   403 560 4779 (cell)

Michelle Diment:

mdiment@rocketmail.com   403 968 3105 (cell)

Tom Diment:

tddiment@gmail.com   403 471 3262 (cell)