New Canadian Family Ministry of Hope

(formerly the Refugee Family Ministry)

As our sponsored family gets closer to transitioning from being refugees to becoming members of our parish, we wanted our ministry name to better reflect this. This is why we have renamed our ministry the New Canadian Family Ministry of Hope.

Mt 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

St. Albert the Great parish is sponsoring an Iranian Catholic refugee family who are suffering persecution for their Catholic faith.


Our family has received approval from Immigration Canada and are expected to join us early next year, hopefully before Easter!



Due to the great generosity of our parishioners, we have reached our fundraising goal. We have collected $66,993.64 as of September 30, 2023. Thank you!



The purpose of our Ministry is to prepare for the family’s arrival, help with their transition, and be parish liaisons as we support them during their first year in Canada.

How can you help?



Are you someone with a heart for helping others in need?  Do you want to do something to help those who are suffering and persecuted for their Catholic faith around the world?  There are many opportunities to serve as we prepare for their arrival and then, once they arrive, provide support for their transition to their new life in Canada.  We have the following teams looking for volunteers:

  • Social team – welcome and befriend the family
  • Transportation team – drivers and help learning public transport
  • Government – help navigating forms, banking, the medical system
  • Employment team – job searching, networking, English language skills
  • Housing team – find accommodations, furnishings, household goods


If you desire to be part of this family’s journey and serve with our team, please contact:



FEB 2024
We have been in touch with our sponsored family, they have been cleared medically and are just waiting with anticipation for their travel date to come to Canada.  In the meantime they have sent the following message to us for Lent.

“Dear ones: The word freedom is beautiful, we long for freedom to be able to worship at Mass one day soon.  It is hard for many to imagine such a life that we live, but we are facing our difficulties.  We see Christ by our side in our darkest and loneliest days.  Jesus is the light and freedom in our lives.  We thank you all for praying for us and giving us hope”.

Dear parish family, we thank you for remembering us every day in your prayers.  We do not know how to repay your love.  Tears of joy flowed in our eyes when we saw the spiritual bouquet of your prayers for us.

We can only repay you with prayer for you:

Lord, spread your protection over our divine family, guide them and keep them, and help them to trust in you each day.  Be with our family as they go about their daily lives.  Cover them with your protection and guard their going out and their coming in both now and forevermore.

You are the light of God in this dark world, we remember the deeds of the apostles, we remember the time when the disciples gathered together and prayed.  God’s presence is definitely among you, you are all the light of God’s mercy in our lives.



In about three months, we will welcome Mozhgan, (Christian name Caterina), and her two daughters Mahsa (Christian Name Clara) & Mahshid, (Christian name Camilla) and Mahsa’s husband Kamran Mosavari to our community and will take responsibility to support them for one year upon their arrival.


This family’s story begins in 2007 when as members of the Muslim faith they began to study Christianity in their country of Iran.  After years of study first Mahsa (Clara) converted to Christianity in 2011, and this was followed by Mahshid (Camilla) in early 2013, and then Mozhgan (Caterina) later in 2013.  This was followed by an intense time of persecution with threats, beatings, physical and emotional torture of all kinds, and with the ultimate threat of execution.  They knew they needed to flee Iran.


In January of 2015 they were baptized, and then received the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. John’s Cathedral in Izmir, Turkey in 2018.  The family continues to face difficulties and are dreaming of the day when they might be free from the continual hardships that they are enduring.


We appreciate all volunteers and the generosity of our parishioners.  Please continue to pray for the family so that God may keep watch over them and bless them abundantly.  Thank you and God bless!



We’ve created a prayer card for you to include in your daily prayers: