School-Age Baptism

In Grades 2 and up, children who were never baptized are prepared for baptism. At least one parent should be Catholic (or entering the Church through RCIA during Easter 2019) and both parents should agree to the baptism. Children are prepared for First Communion as well.
If a child is Grade 6 or higher, they should register for Confirmation as well.
For School-Age Baptism (which includes First Communion), the parish requests a $40 registration fee (if the family is financially able). 
When registering for any combination of sacraments, the requested fee is $50 total.

Registration for School-Age Baptism is now closed.
To sign up to be notified when registration opens again (September 2019), please fill in the following online form:

Please contact Dan with any questions: 

Here is the 2018-2019 schedule for School-Age Baptism at St. Albert the Great:

Session 1: Monday, November 5: 6:30pm

Rite of Acceptance: 
Friday, November 16: 6:30pm

Session 2: Monday, November 26: 6:30pm
Session 3: Monday, January 28: 6:30pm

Penitential Rite: 
Friday, February 8: 6:30pm

Candidates for School-Age Baptism then join the preparation sessions for First Eucharist:
Session 1: Monday, February 25: 4:30pm OR 6:30pm
Session 2: Monday, March 18: 4:30pm OR 6:30pm
Session 3: Monday, April 8: 4:30pm OR 6:30pm
Session 4: Monday, April 29: 4:30pm OR 6:30pm

4:30pm: Recommended for students of Blessed Cardinal Newman, Divine Mercy, Msgr. Smith, Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Albert the Great School, and St. Marguerite.
6:30pm: Recommended for students of Christ the King, Prince of Peace, St. Isabella, and any school not officially designated to the parish.

Baptism Retreat & Rehearsal: 
Friday, May 3: 7:30pm

Celebration of Baptism and First Eucharist: 
Sunday, May 5: 2:00pm

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