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St. Albert the Great Parish “O taste and see that the Lord is good”   Ps 34.8 10 Prestwick Drive SE, Calgary, AB, Canada T2Z 4J6 Phone: 403 257 6054          Fax: 403 257 6072 Charitable...











St. Albert the Great Parish


“O taste and see that the Lord is good”   Ps 34.8


10 Prestwick Drive SE, Calgary, AB, Canada T2Z 4J6

Phone: 403 257 6054          Fax: 403 257 6072

Charitable Registration Number 107909939 RR0084













1st Reading: Exodus 17.8-13
2nd Reading: 2 Timothy 3.14 – 4.2
Gospel: Luke 18.1-8










The four pillars of parish stewardship are hospitality, prayer, formation, and service.  Today’s readings show us the immense value of prayer and the privileged place it must have in our individual lives and in our parish community.
Our Lord Himself calls us to prayer — and persistence in prayer — in the Gospel passage from Luke.  Jesus tells the parable of the nagging widow who finally wears down the judge with her unrelenting persistence in her pursuit of a just ruling from him on her behalf.  Jesus goes to great lengths to describe this judge, saying he “neither feared God nor respected any human.”   Yet even this corrupt judge responds with a just judgment because of the widow’s persistence.
Jesus uses this outlandish example to draw a vivid contrast between a reluctant, dishonest judge and our loving, all-merciful Father.  If even a bad judge will give a good result in response to a persistent request, how much more (infinitely more) eagerly and perfectly will our good Father respond to our persistent prayers to Him.
If he delays in responding, if he provides a different response from the one we were expecting, we can remain confident and trusting in His goodness, knowing that His response, whenever it comes and in whatever form, will be the very best one for us.
Our job then, as Christian stewards, is simply to remain faithful to our relationship with God through prayer. We must lean on each other in our communities — family and parish — as we support each other in prayer.  A strong pillar of prayer will make all our other our stewardship efforts fruitful.













Tue, Oct 18 @ 9:00 am                  Johnston family (INT) 

Tue, Oct 18 @ 11:00 am                 All Souls in Purgatory

Tue, Oct 18 @ 6:30 pm                  Katie & Children (INT)
Wed, Oct 19 @ 9:00 am                 George Rocks (RIP)        
Wed, Oct 19 @ 6:30 pm                 Leticia Cablas Bondoc (INT)
Thu, Oct 20 @ 9:00 am                  Przemek Kowalski (INT)
Thu, Oct 20 @ 6:30 pm                  Joseph Sychterz (RIP)
Fri, Oct 21 @ 9:00 am                    Leon Kowalski (INT)
Fri, Oct 21 @ 6:30 pm                    Joanna Dutton (RIP)
Sat, Oct 22 @ 9:00 am                   Joseph Koziol (RIP)
Sat, Oct 22 @ 5:00 pm                   Danielle  Schmidt  (INT)
Sun, Oct 23 @ 9:00 am                  Isabelle Leon (INT)
Sun, Oct 23 @ 11:00 am                St. Albert the Great Community (INT)
Sun, Oct 23 @ 5:00 pm                 Hazel Eway (INT)














World Mission Sunday is an opportunity for us to honor our life as Catholics through the special call we received at baptism to be missionaries in bearing Christ’s message of salvation to all people.  Your prayer and donations will assist churches, hospitals, schools, and the training of priests in mission dioceses and throughout the world.  Pray and give generously on World Mission Sunday.  You can donate through the parish envelope, or online at 













The Knights of Columbus of High River will be selling Apples after all Masses next weekend of October 22 and 23rd.  Your support is greatly appreciated! (Cash or Cheque accepted)













Basement Canopy construction started on Monday, October 3, 2022.  Due to the construction, the basement entrance will be fenced off for a few weeks.  The main doors of the church will be open during parish office hours, and we will have a reception area in the Narthex area to welcome you.  We thank you for your patience and understanding while the construction of the much needed canopy is built.














St. Albert the Great is extending registration for the sacraments (First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation) for 2022-2023 from now until Monday, October 24, 2022.
Please register through the following link before October 24:
Register online for the sacraments 


For an outline of dates for the sacraments, please visit the following link:
Sacrament Dates 2022-2023 


Contact Dan D'Agostino with any questions:













It is time to bring back Sunday Social following the 9:00am and 11:00am masses!  A group has been formed to re-start this important ministry and they need your help.  Volunteers will be required to assist weekly with set-up, hosting, food and beverage preparation and clean-up afterwards.  If you, or you and your family, can assist with Sunday Social, there is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex.  You can also send an email to volunteers@stalbertthe... for more information. 













Ever wanted to share in the ministry of the Eucharist?  Perhaps it’s been a while since you last served. We will be holding a training session for both for those who would like a refresher and those who are new to this ministry.  


The training session will be held on October 21, 2022 at 7:00pm after the evening Mass.   


Please direct any questions to volunteers@sta...  


Eucharistic Ministers must be fully initiated in the Catholic faith.













What do you call a man or woman who stands up in a Catholic church and lends his or her voice to God?  A LECTOR.  If you are being called to proclaim God’s word, then please consider joining the Lector Ministry and fulfill that calling. 


We will be holding training sessions for those who are new to this ministry and those who would like to have a little refresher training.  


The training sessions will be held on October 27, 2022 at 7:00pm after the evening Mass. Please direct any questions to volunteers@sta...  












St. Albert the Great St. Vincent de Paul needs canola oil and rice.  Please drop your donations in the St. Vincent de Paul box in the Narthex.  Thank you for your support!














The Knights of Columbus would like to thank all parishioners who contributed to our recent Bottle Drive in support of our Coats for Kids initiative. Thanks to your generosity we raised $1,225! Our next bottle drive will be on the weekend of January 14/15, 2023.














The Rosary Prayer Campaign for Children was launched in 2005 in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.  As a few children prayed the Rosary at roadside shrine, several people present recalled what Saint Padre Pio had said:  “If a million children pray the Rosary, the world will change.”  The campaign quickly spread around the world. Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has supported the campaign since 2008 and took over the organization of the entire event globally four years ago.  

  • Spread the word and invite children to join the Rosary for Peace and Unity in the World on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 5 pm MT. Register here to pray together with children all over the world, or pray on your own time at home.
  • Download prayer flyer (PDF)














Development and Peace builds awareness in Canada about the causes of poverty in the world and invites Canadians to participate in actions to bring about change.  Membership means: being part of an international movement for social justice; adding your voice to those who work for justice and peace; being invited to participate in local education and fundraising activities; you can vote at regional assemblies.  To register online, click here | or use this printable form 




















Resources & Announcements

  1. Bulletin Shorts, free to use 
    • Is God Slow to Answer Prayer? Moses wearily struggles to keep his hands raised in prayer for the benefit of the People.  He needs help.  Don’t we all! Timothy is charged to remain faithful to the Scriptures.  Us, too!  Jesus tells a parable about praying. Don’t be weary, he says. Be persistent, he says.  Do it always, he says. 
      • How is my life of prayer? 
      • How will a small daily dose of reading the Bible foster my daily prayer?  If unsure where to start, read and reread the Sunday texts. 
      • How can I be relentless in praying day after day, even if it seems God is slow to act?
        (Source: Diocese of Springfield)
  1. Resources for children
    • Kid's challenge this week: Jesus tells a story of a bad judge and a widow who would not give up, reminding us of how important it is to keep praying and never give up hope.  Colour this illustration and add what you think the judge and the woman are saying to each other in the speech bubbles.  Perhaps you can write a prayer to God for a fairer world for all people to live in? (CAFOD)
  1. Reminder: World Youth Day 2023 Info 
    To learn about the diocesan group that will be travelling to Lisbon, Portugal for World Youth Day in 2023, watch Fr. Cristino and Catarina's presentation here. Passcode: #wU*e.k6.  For more information, contact 
  2. Reminder: White Mass with Bishop McGrattan
    The Calgary Catholic Medical Association invites all health care professionals and all the faithful to celebrate White Mass on the feast day of St. Luke, the patron saint for Physicians and those working in Health Care.  When: Tuesday, October 18 at 7 pm, at St. Mary's Cathedral.  Learn more about CCMA and get details about the Mass here.
  3. When the Virgin Mary wrote a letter to St. Ignatius of Antioch (Feast Day: Oct. 17) | St. Ignatius was born in Syria around the year AD 35 and is believed to have been a disciple of St. John the Apostle. According to tradition, the disciple of St. John the Apostle received a letter from the Blessed Mother.  Read more
  4. St. Luke: A Good Reader, Observer, and Listener (Feast Day: Oct. 18) | The Gospel of Luke (A Gospel traditionally believed to have come from the hand of a Greek physician, the same man who wrote the Acts of the Apostles) - did you know his words comprise nearly a quarter of the New Testament?  Another important aspect of the Gospel writer and how to read him is this: a good writer is a good reader; a good storyteller is a good observer; and a good doctor is a good listener.  Read more
  5. St. Hedwig (Feast Day: Oct. 20)
    St. Hedwig was a strong mother and wife, and is honored for the faith that she brought to her husband and the people that they governed.  When her husband Henry died, she permanently joined one of her convents that was led by her daughter, and gave away all of her possessions to the poor.  Read more
  6. God is passionately in love with you, according to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (Feast Day: Oct. 20) | When we think about God’s love, we don’t always use the word “passion.”  Yet, those were the exact words Jesus used when describing his love for humanity in a private revelation to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a religious visionary of the 17th century.  Read more
  7. St. John Paul II (Feast Day: Oct. 22): As relevant to the times as ever | Today, we need hope.  The whole world needs hope.  There are worrying signs in our societies that people are losing hope; they are numbing themselves with drugs, falling into despair, and with alarming frequency, dying through suicide.  What would St. John Paul II say to us on hope?  Read more
  8. October/November 2022 Calendar Highlights















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