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St. Albert the Great Parish “O taste and see that the Lord is good”   Ps 34.8 10 Prestwick Drive SE, Calgary, AB, Canada T2Z 4J6 Phone: 403 257 6054          Fax: 403 257 6072 Charitable...











St. Albert the Great Parish


“O taste and see that the Lord is good”   Ps 34.8


10 Prestwick Drive SE, Calgary, AB, Canada T2Z 4J6

Phone: 403 257 6054          Fax: 403 257 6072

Charitable Registration Number 107909939 RR0084













1st Reading: Acts 5.28-32, 40b-41
2nd Reading: Revelation 5.11-14
Gospel: John 21.1-19









In today’s Gospel, we find the Apostles dejected and discouraged following the death of our Lord.  Poor Peter decides to throw in the towel on the whole disciple thing and go back to his old way of life, declaring, “I’m going fishing.”  Upon hearing this, the other disciples follow him.
How easy it is for all of us to backslide on changes we have made in our lives, especially when it comes to our spiritual lives.  But look how Jesus treats the disciples during their “backslide.”  He is right there with them in the midst of it, already waiting for them on the shore when they come back from their unsuccessful return to the fishing business (after abandoning their mission as disciples).  Our Lord greets them tenderly, gives them some fishing pointers, and then prepares their breakfast.  How gracious He is to them!
He is just as gracious today. When we find ourselves “out at sea” — discouraged by our failures or for squandering the gifts God has given us, or simply by a lack of progress in our faith life, Jesus is with us!  He is calling to us from the shore to come back to Him without shame or embarrassment, but with hope-filled trust in His steadfast love.  He never tires of offering “do-overs” if we just keep returning to Him.
This constant process of turning back to the Lord, of reevaluating our goals and priorities as we aim for Heaven, is the essence of a stewardship way of life.  Let us take heart as we continue our journey today, secure in the knowledge that Jesus is beside us every step of the way.













Tue, May 3 @ 9:00 am          Moses Nfua (RIP)
Tue, May 3 @ 6:30 pm          Olive Songui (RIP)
Wed, May 4 @ 9:00 am         Francis Seneviratne (INT)
Wed, May 4 @ 6:30 pm         Joanne Dutton (RIP)
Thu, May 5 @ 9:00 am          Henry Joh Dam (INT)
Thu, May 5 @ 6:30 pm          Wincenty Kloskowski (RIP)
Fri, May 6 @ 9:00 am            Norm & Florence Bieker (INT)
Fri, May 6 @ 6:30 pm            Robert McCracken (RIP)
Sat, May 7 @ 9:00 am           Carly Zelantini (INT)
Sat, May 7 @ 5:00 pm           Adolf Smerdely (RIP)
Sun, May 8 @ 9:00 am          Enrique Capule (RIP)
Sun, May 8 @ 11:00 am        Yegha’s family (INT)
Sun, May 8 @ 5:00 pm          St. Albert the Great Community (INT)













We welcome into the Catholic Church the adults from RCIA: newly baptized, Seun, Jenna and Ken along with those candidates who were received into Full Communion with the Church, Kimberly, Brian, Jonathon, Allison, Brad, Jennifer and Chelsey.  May they find in our parish community convincing signs of unity, authentic love, and unfailing support as they accept the cross of Christ and continue upon their journey of faith to our Father in Heaven.



















St. Albert the Great Parish has committed to sponsoring a Catholic family who have been persecuted for their faith.  This is a family from Iran of four adults - Mozhgan, her two daughters Mahsa & Mahshid, and Mahsa’s husband Kamran.


Their expected date of arrival to Canada is in 12-18 months.  We will welcome them to our community and will take responsibility to support them for one year upon their arrival.  You can find more information about this initiative on Refugee Family - St Albert The Great.


Would you like to be a part of a small committee to welcome this refugee family, and help them transition into the Canadian Culture when they arrive?  Please email for more information or to indicate your interest.
























St. Albert the Great St. Vincent de Paul needs canned vegetables and pasta sauce.  Please drop your donations in the St. Vincent de Paul box in the Narthex.  Thank you for your support!














Our Lady of the Cape is Coming to Calgary. Who is She? Be the First to find out!

All are welcome to join the Mercy Missions Family Missionaries for An Evening of Holy Entertainment.


Learn one of the greatest stories never told about Our Lady of the Cape, Queen of Canada, Queen of the Holy Rosary. She is waiting to meet you! 


There will be a screening of the Documentary Bridge of Roses on May 12th @ 7:00 PM, May 13 @ 7:00 PM and May 14th @ 1:00 PM in the main hall in preparation for the Statue of Our Lady of the Cape coming to St. Albert the Great on May 25th.


All are welcome to attend on any of the above dates.


Discover how a miraculous bridge of ice over the St. Lawrence River in 1879 would help reignite the faith of a country - and inspire the birth of a National Shrine.  From the arrival North America's first missionaries — to the Virgin Mary’s first official crowning in 1904 and beyond, the place is known as Tròis Rivières has become a bastion of faith, favors, and Marian Devotion.  


Bridge of Roses: The Story of Our Lady of the Cape, is a documentary film from the Marian Devotional Movement in association with DunnMedia & Entertainment.

The film was released on October 7, 2021, the 450th Anniversary of Our Lady of the Rosary.
















2-Day Catholic Marriage Getaway in the Rockies. Experience the "Breathe Marriage Conference" on May 27-28, 2022 in Canmore, at The Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies.  This exciting Catholic Marriage conference is creatively designed to enrich your relationship.  The conference will provide an opportunity for you to invest in your relationship by stepping away from the busyness of life in order to recharge, refresh and journey deeper into the sacrament.  Speakers: Gerald & Denise Montpetit; John & Tracy Connelly and Fr. Kennth Leblanc.  Register now or contact Denise at 306-369-2220 
















Resources & Announcements

  1. Third Sunday of Easter - Bulletin Shorts, free to use 
    Serving Breakfast.  In this third appearance of the risen Lord to his followers, Jesus prepares breakfast on the shore for the disciples toiling in the sea.  What an image!  Jesus cooks.  Jesus feeds them so they can go out and feed and tend the flock.
    • What will this weekly meal of Communion enable me to be?
    • What will this meal empower me to do?
    • How can I then do the mercy work of giving drink to the thirsty and food to the hungry?
      (Source: Diocese of Springfield) 
  1. Resources for children
    • Kid's challenge this week: Jesus shared breakfast on the beach with his disciples.  Let's reflect on the importance of sharing food with others throughout the world.  Write a prayer for all people who do not have enough to eat, or a prayer of thanksgiving to be said at a meal with others on the back of this colouring page. (Kid's bulletin & CAFOD)
  1. Spiritual Direction Training Program | FCJ Centre The FCJ Christian Life Centre will again be offering a part-time, two-year Ecumenical training program starting September 2022.  Program will run until June 2024.  If you are currently receiving Spiritual Direction and are interested in training to help others to explore their personal and spiritual experience as they grow closer to God, this program might be for you.  Application deadline is July 31, 2022 and space is limited.  Please contact Sr. Ann Marie Walsh, FCJ, at 403-228-4215 for more information about the program or visit | Download poster
  2. Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate: Santiago Torres
    Santiago, currently in seminary formation and studies at St. Joseph Seminary, Edmonton, has been called to Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate.  He will be ordained a transitional deacon by Most Rev. William T. McGrattan, at the parish where he completed his pastoral year, All Saints’ Parish, Lethbridge, on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 11 am0.  Please note that due to the limited space, All Saints Parish will be sharing a registration link for those planning to attend the Ordination Mass.  Download Invitation
  3. Clothing Drive & Summer Reading Drive
    • Clothing Drive: Corpus Christi CWL invites you to drop off your unwanted and clean wearable clothing, household textiles etc. for textile recycling to Corpus Christi Parish Hall (5931 4th St NW, Calgary) - from May 9 to May 16, between 1 pm to 7 pm. More information 
    • Summer Reading Drive:  Corpus Christi CWL invites you to bring your unwanted books (in good condition) to Corpus Christi Hall (5931 – 4th Street NW) - from May 9 to May 12, between 1 pm and 7 pm. More information 
  1. Young Adults' Retreat at Mount St. Francis
    Young adults (20's to 40's) are invited to a weekend retreat on May 6-8  to reflect on what brings wholeness, and to achieve a greater depth of character and purpose with Jesus as our councilor and guide.  More information
  2. Tutors wanted
    St. John Choir Schola is seeking qualified candidates for the 2022-2023 Academic Year for the following positions:  Humanities tutor; Tutor's aide.  Click here for more information.
  3. 10 Inspiring quotes from St. Athanasius (Feast day: May 2)
    St. Athanasius was not afraid to defend the truth at all costs, which got him into difficulties with four different emperors, and many of his brother bishops.  To help us appreciate the life of St. Athanasius and the masterful work of De Incarnatione, here are 10 inspiring quotes from a Church Father whose example of standing up for the truth still has relevance today.
  4. St. Philip & St. James (Feast day: May 3)
    As in the case of the other apostles, we see in James and Philip the foundation stones of the Church, and we are reminded again that holiness and its consequent apostolate are entirely the gift of God, not a matter of human achieving.  More about these holy men.
  5. St. François de Laval (Feast day: May 6)
    St. François established parishes and schools, worked to oppose the abuse and exploitation of Native Americans, and combatted the anti-clerical and anti-Catholic prejudices of the civil authorities.  In 1662, he established the first seminary in Canada.  François was named first bishop of Quebec in 1674.  Learn more about St. François.
  6. To support Ukraine beyond prayers















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