St. Albert the Great 25th Anniversary Committee Time Capsule Submissions

St. Albert the Great Parish 25th Anniversary Committee is inviting parishioners to submit items for the time capsule.

Max dimensions of item(s):

15cm x 5 cm x 5cm (i.e. swimming cylinder) – exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis if requested.

It shall be no greater than 100g in weight for familial submissions OR 1Kg for schools.

These items:

  • Cannot be:
    • personal clothing
    • human or animal remains, cremated or otherwise
    • bodily fluids of any type
  • Cards submitted must not contain inappropriate language or information and MUST be able to be read by strangers
  • USB drives CAN be submitted but must be marked and contained with familial identification in a larger cylinder
    • Familial Identification includes:
      • Name of submitter and formal names of all people in photos
      • Current home address
      • Personal email address at time of submission
      • Genealogy information can be provided for historical tracing if desired.
    • Photos on drives must be appropriate for public viewing

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