CWL Baby Bottle Lenten Drive

St. Albert the Great CWL is excited to announce that we will be organizing a Baby Bottle Lenten project this year using the baby bottle theme once again.  We saw how much fun everyone had with this last year and wanted to surprise and delight you with this again.  We heard that there were many competitions in our Parish and we certainly welcome you to email us at  to share your stories. 

The proceeds this year are going to St. Vincent de Paul where we have partnered to create a program exclusive for baby supplies such as diapers, formula etc, Kara program’s St. Annes Pantry – assisting pregnant and parenting female and male students and other CWL supported charities that we participate in.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend and let the fun, learning and spiritual growth commence in such a family orientated Lenten activity.

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