Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry of our parish offers a safe, friendly environment for youth in grades 7, 8, and 9 to meet other teens, have fun, and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


 The goals of the Youth Ministry of our parish are:


· To promote spiritual and personal growth of the youth, by providing them with the guidance and support to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer, sharing, reflection, and reading of the Scriptures.


· To provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for the youth; to make them feel part of the community of faith, by providing a friendly environment that values young people, their ideas; and that responds to their needs.


· To encourage the engagement and active participation of the youth in the life of the faith community by providing them with spaces and opportunities for their action.


· To promote the active participation of parents in the youth ministry through different activities at home and/or at the parish.


· To facilitate a support system for youth through group meetings and mentoring programs, where they can receive support to help them integrate the faith component to their daily lives.


· To form new leaders that can become mentors of other youth groups and/or active members of related ministries within the community.



 For more information, please contact Amy at the Parish Office at 403-257-6054 ex: 229


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