Many hands make light the work.

A church is not made of brick and stone and wood. It is made from the vibrant families and volunteers within.

You're a regular parishioner at St. Albert and you are constantly amazed by the friendly atmosphere and the folks who you meet. It would be neat to be a part of that. You want to become a little more involved by volunteering.

We all have day jobs and families. Volunteering is a win-win situation you can be a part of that gives you back something more. Give as much or a little of your time and talents as you can. It's all good. Check out the many ministries on the left (run by volunteers for the most part) and see where it goes. We welcome collaboration, cooperation and fresh ideas.

 Maybe this is your calling...


Altar Servers

Arts and Environment

Bible Study

Catholic Women's League

Children's Liturgy


Coming Alive Camp

Conquest Boys


Couples for Christ

Eucharistic Ministry


Funeral Reception


Knights of Columbus

Laundry Committee




Little Flowers

Marriage Preparation

Mother's Group

Parish Pastoral Council

Pastoral Care

St. Vincent de Paul

Sunday Social

Youth Ministry

 Strengthening Our Parish Communities



Around the Parish