Altar Servers Servers offer of themselves for the benefit of others, by serving God and His people at mass.  Part of the ministry of servers is to help “set the pace” for all who share in the Mass.  The altar servers take part in all aspects of the mass and are seated with Father near the altar so that they can complete their various duties.  What you do there and how you do it can help other people to understand the Mass better and make their love for God stronger.

This rewarding ministry is open to all parishioners who have celebrated their First Communion who want to deepen their understanding of the mass and what it means to you.  Even though most servers are children of all ages, we do have adult teams for the young at heart.  To truly be a server means to be a servant by leading the processions, lighting candles, setting the altar for communion, holding the book for Father and ringing the bells during the Eucharistic prayer.  It is rewarding knowing that you have helped in the preparation for the miracle that occurs with every mass when the bread and wine becomes Jesus.


The parish office: 403-257-6054

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